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Community Engagement Unit

The Michigan State University Department of Police and Public Safety’s Community Engagement Unit works to engage with members of the Spartan community while advancing the mission of MSU DPPS. The unit’s mission, purpose, and values are below. 

This unit will serve the Spartan community by building relationships and bridging gaps between community members and the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety.  

To empower the Spartan community, foster collaboration, connect resources, and provide an inclusive platform for all voices to be heard.  

Engaging a diverse range of community members and stakeholders to ensure that all voices are heard.  

Participation: Encouraging active involvement and participation from community members in decision-making within the Department.  

Communication: Establishing effective communication channels to share information, seek feedback, and keep the community informed about ongoing initiatives.  

Collaboration: Encouraging partnerships between community members, student organizations, and campus partners to address common goals and challenges.  

Empowerment: Providing resources, support, and capacity-building opportunities to empower community members to take an active role in shaping our community.  

Adaptability: Evolving our practice based on the environment in the community, to remain responsive to changing needs and circumstances, ensuring our actions and initiatives are aligned with the dynamic nature of our community.  

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