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Fire Safety Training

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The State of Michigan amended the Fire Prevention Code (PA 207 1941) to require that institutions of higher education ensure that all instructional staff are trained in fire drill procedures before the beginning of each academic year. University employees with instructional responsibilities are looked to for leadership and guidance in the event of an emergency and should be able to help guide others to safety. This training is intended to provide employees with information on how to help students safely evacuate in the event of a fire-related incident and reach a safe rally point. For questions, please contact Fire Marshal Thomas Miller at or 517-432-7932.

At least two safe evacuation locations called “rally points” have been identified for each facility on campus. These rally points are indicated on the Classroom Emergency Guidelines posted in each classroom. Most MSU facilities also have an evacuation map posted on each floor indicating emergency evacuation routes and exits, and the locations of fire extinguishers, evacuation alarms, temporary refuge and emergency phones. At the start of each semester, you should review the Classroom Emergency Guidelines and evacuation maps posted in the classroom(s) and facilities you will frequent.

Actions for employees to take in the event of a fire:

  • Pull the evacuation alarm if there is smoke or a visible fire or when otherwise so directed by emergency personnel
  • Call or text 911 as you exit to report the fire location with details; never assume others have called
  • Report to one of your facility’s rally points identified on the Classroom Emergency Guidelines posted in each classroom
  • Follow the directions of emergency personnel or the Emergency Action Team (EAT), designated by their yellow vests/hats
  • Identify any persons that were unable to evacuate safely to emergency personnel and the EAT leader at your rally
Emergency Action Teams have been formed for most facilities on campus. EAT leaders annually receive direct emergency training and train building occupants on the location of rallying points during drills. Please feel free to contact an EAT leader in your building for more information about emergency procedures. For more information, please visit the Support Services Bureau page.