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Community Support Division

Soft interview room

The aim of the Community Support Division is to provide trauma informed, inclusive and accessible service to MSU students, staff, faculty and visitors by leading with support and resources.

The CSD recognizes that a supportive and collaborative community response will have the greatest impact in the life of an individual. CSD members work with community partners to continuously address the needs of individuals, connecting them with resources locally available. CSD members also participate in community outreach and training programs to provide awareness and improve the overall safety of the community.

The Community Care Unit responds to incidents that involve a behavioral health concern or crisis with a primary goal of providing safety and support. CCU detectives provide customized care based on individual needs and intersectional identities. Detectives respond using trauma informed and inclusive practices. Detectives also collaborate with the Care and Intervention Team (CAIT) to develop early intervention processes, enhancing safety and supportive services for our campus and community. CCU detectives co-respond with our department's social worker, who provides a secondary source of support through the unique lens of a behavioral health professional.
SVU detectives investigate cases regarding sex-related crimes, relationship violence, stalking, and child and vulnerable adult abuse using trauma informed, victim-centered and offender-focused practices. Detectives are specially trained to recognize intersectional identities within incidents to provide support and resources that are inclusive and accessible. The unit collaborates with campus/community partners to minimize additional trauma and support survivors. The Special Victims Unit is committed to ensuring that all survivors are treated with courtesy, sensitivity, dignity, understanding, and professionalism.

Michigan State University Police and Public Safety investigates all reports of crime that occur on property owned by the university or governed by the MSU Board of Trustees. Detectives are specialized in techniques to conduct victim-centered investigations and trauma-informed interviews. Detectives attend numerous training sessions to remain current with best practices for law enforcement investigations.

The Bias Incident Response Unit is committed to addressing police and community-related issues associated with bias on campus. The unit was formed in 2016 with the purpose being to increase trust with the university community by listening to concerns and finding positive methods to solve issues through communication strategies and training.