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‘Changing the Narrative’: How MSU Police and Public Safety is working to build positive community relationships

February 21, 2022

Marlon Lynch and staff

EAST LANSING, Mich. — This Black History Month, MSU Police and Public Safety took part in a panel discussion titled “Changing the Narrative through Positive Community Policing.” The Zoom event took place on Feb. 12 and was hosted by the MSU Office of K-12 Outreach’s Black History Month Sankofa Project.

Panelists included Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police Marlon Lynch, Chief of Staff Daryl Green, and Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton. The purpose of the event was to talk about the history of policing in both Michigan and across the country, and how departments today can positively move forward.

“For us, it’s recognizing what our role is in the community,” said Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police Marlon Lynch. “That recognition occurs by being engaged not just during a crisis, but on a daily basis, and also being accessible.”

Panelists highlighted the importance of remaining optimistic.

“There is constant communication that we have to have with police, internally, externally, with our families, with our community members, with our leaders,” said Chief of Staff Daryl Green. “However, there is plenty of opportunity for us to address a lot of these issues and move the needle in a positive direction.”

“I can be really critical of our profession, but also I think we should acknowledge the intent of the profession is really noble and that the majority of the men and women who serve are really trying to do the right thing,” said Sheriff Jerry Clayton.

MSU Police and Public Safety strives to serve as a resource for everyone in the Spartan community and beyond. The department is committed to evolving to meet the community’s needs.

The MSU Office of K-12 Outreach provides direct support to educators in Michigan and nationally, keeping a focus on student achievement. The office is currently involved in projects that feature leadership development, coaching and training, accountability, and more.

You can view the panel in its entirety by clicking here.



Dana Whyte, Communications Manager, MSU Police and Public Safety